Shah Family Foundation

Design software platform and data model for a Boston based foundation that set out to rebuild the Boston Public School lunch program with the quality ingredients its students deserve. The project requirements include menu planning, inventory management, shipping and delivery, and food service tracking

Project Overview

Support implementation of new map based delivery logistics software and implement analytics for non-profit providing medically tailored meals for over 1000 critically and chronically ill patients. Utilize new tools to improve operational efficiency and plan for growth in new facility.

Project Goals

  • Optimize delivery efficiency, create foundation for data collection and analytics.
  • Design initial report & reporting process for baseline and ongoing evaluation.
  • Identify and develop additional analytics to support data driven decisions for operations department.

Project Challenges

  • Logistics heavy operations with many human centered systems and insufficient technological tools.
  • Work with range of teammates: drivers, volunteers, Delivery Coordinator, Data Manager, COO.

Project Outcomes

New systems in place to support 3X growth at higher efficiency.

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