Design software platform, for sports training startup, based on experience with new methodology and implementation at Northeastern. Create a system that allows for varying complexity of training program for different size clients

Project Overview

Support implementation of new map based delivery logistics software and implement analytics for non-profit providing medically tailored meals for over 1000 critically and chronically ill patients. Utilize new tools to improve operational efficiency and plan for growth in new facility.

Project Goals

  • Optimize delivery efficiency, create foundation for data collection and analytics.
  • Design initial report & reporting process for baseline and ongoing evaluation.
  • Identify and develop additional analytics to support data driven decisions for operations department.

Project Challenges

  • Logistics heavy operations with many human centered systems and insufficient technological tools.
  • Work with range of teammates: drivers, volunteers, Delivery Coordinator, Data Manager, COO.

Project Outcomes

New systems in place to support 3X growth at higher efficiency.

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